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Timeline wise, Bodhi is from the day after the Battle of Endor and the destruction of the second Death Star. He survived Scarif but lost part of his arm to a grenade, still more to nerve damage during the Battle of Yavin.

He has become a Rebel general – hard, ruthless, and quiet. He leads Rogue Two – a squad of the only eight survivors he was able to rescue from Scarif. None of them he’d met before Yavin.

His right arm is a droid-like prosthetic from the upper arm down. He hates when people stare and flinches if anyone touches his shoulder on that side.

AU canon threading -
During a mission to extract the second Death Star scientists and engineers for a nearby system, and destroy the facility, he found someone he never thought he’d see again. Someone he’d buried, along with his heart.

[Warnings for trauma, violence, potentially suicidal thoughts, misuse of of archaeological sites, and serious relationship tension. Thread is on-going so expect the warning to evolve. It's Maru and I! Don't expect rainbows and cuteness.}

Canon notes - Everything pre-Rogue One is based on the Necessary Pebbles verse written by Maru and Munnin.


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